Thursday, October 15, 2009


During the early 1980s, Robert Mapplethorpe’s photographs began a shift toward a phase of refinement of subjects with an emphasis on classical formal beauty. He concentrated on orchids, tulips, lilies, statuesque nudes formal
portraits and his controversial self-portraits. All porcelain plates have Mapplethorpe's signature on the bottom.

Robert Mapplethorpe

mapplethorpe porcelain plates

Keith Haring was preeminent among the young artists whose work responded
to the New York street culture of the 1980’s. He set out to reach
the widest possible audience with his early drawings in the subways and
quickly gained recognition in the art world. His iconic illustrations have graced advertisements, clothing such as a collaboration with Adidas and now housewares and confectionery. Shrink Boutique will carry two signed Keith Haring perfumed candles designed by Ligne Blanche Paris with the approval of the Keith HARING Foundation.

Keith Haring



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