Monday, March 30, 2009

Madness for sure.

Last night was bonkers at the House of Bidalle model madness show at Green Dolphin. Sponsored by Ciroc, the place was packed maybe a little too much. I must say I hung out backstage with the models and Shrink goods of course to avoid the craziness. I expected attitude but the models were uber-sweet and a pleasure to work with.
A few pics I managed to get before we hit the runway.

Bags and shades for a little fun drama.

Terry and Nicole from Shrink. Terry was in charge of the models, I think.

Face of Shrink Shabath hated to wear the staff shirt so she sexed it up. What can you say, Divas!

Shrink boss Ken and Shabath

He's saying " I can't help it if girls are naked man."

She was almost too tall to photograph

It was definitely a butt man's dream backstage.

Making sure things fit

Most of the girls, yea!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Your next style book is.....

Your Personal Style by Chicago's own Nancy Plummer.
The Chair of Fashion Design at the International Academy Design & Technology has written the ultimate style guide book that will ensure you achieve your desired image and maintain it. Divided up into 4 sections, she helps you assess your wardrobe, body type and even your lingerie.
Get it right ladies.

Acropolis Julius tees in....

So you got Julius Erving on the front....

And Julius Caesar on the back. That's uh, kinda hard. Available for sale in grey and black by tonight people. $24 bucks, a drop in the bucket right?

Welcome to Acropolis...

We like many lines big and small despite the public's obsession with so-called exclusive lines. It's not exclusive if it's in chain stores my friends. Back to the point, we are looking forward to our first box of goods from Acropolis. Get familiar below.


Est. Los Angeles, California MMVII

Acropolis is a lifestyle clothing company fusing classic image and thought with modern culture to create meaningful concepts. Whether a reference to science, sports, hip-hop or war each design aims to be visually intriguing and thought provoking. We support all individuals who help to improve the world and leave their mark.

The name Acropolis is a metaphor for greatness and a reflection of the splendor, power and wealth of an advanced society. The Acropolis was the birthplace of democracy, helping lead to the free thinking and individualism we enjoy in the world today. At Acropolis, we are dedicated to consistently providing fresh styles with imaginative ideas. As a company and as individuals, we will always seek to raise our game in order to continually bring you quality clothing with substance.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Remember that box I got in? Well, Dimepiece is officially available. Link below ladies.....

Look at that detail :).

Sunday, March 22, 2009


A Dimepiece box arrived in my office yesterday. Hint; leggings and tees

And Pleasure

Richard Hutten designed the Cloud Chair chair in early 2007 and he produced it at the end of 2008, when it was launched during an exhibition titled Reflections, at gallery Ormond Editions in Geneva, Swiss. The chair is produced in a limited edition and made of nickel platted polished aluminium. Comfortable? Not the point. Cloud chair will be shown in Milan during the Salone del Mobile furniture fair next month.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

What you talking bout Willis?

I'm sorry but as a true Chicagoan, this sucks. The name of the Sears Tower will change to the Willis Tower. The building was just purchased by Willis Group Holdings. Talk about haters. The tallest building in the world is practically a historic landmark with a historic name. Oh well. It will always be the Sears Tower to me.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


We have international shipping y'all.

Monday, March 9, 2009

2 Mikes are better than one.....

Subconscious Threads pays homage to Michael Jordan and Mike Tyson with 2 fresh tees.
"Air to the Throne" and " What Happened to Mike?" now available, click below.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Bump into us....

At THAW, an opening hosted by Prak-sis, a comtemporary art association here in Chicago.
Info below.

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