Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wait. We forgot some black style icon faves of ours..

In totally random order, we feel these people definitely had an affect on black mainstream style. There are more of course....

Pharrell, becuase of that rich rapper guy look.

Kelis, because she mixed it up early on with her ghetto lux style. We do no care what she did in that guy's tape.

Morris Day and the Time, for matching and wearing suits always that only a black man could get away with.

Joy Bryant, because she is so quiet but fierce on the red carpet always.

Diana Ross, because she rocked every style possible effortlessly.

Andre Leon Talley, because he is co-running Vogue duh. But really he should take Anna's place. Damn that glass ceiling.

Well Goodbye Black History Month....

As we say goodbye to the year's shortest month, we leave you with some black style favorites.

White Tees, long as possible please.


Especially at night so you can, well stunt.

Rims, this will always be a thing.


Even in the mouth

Friday, February 20, 2009

Speaking of divas!

Watch 60-year-old Grace Jones rule the catwalk just this week! Truly an icon.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

First Black Diva?

There's always a lot of "firsts" discussed during Black History Month and I want to take a sec to honor what we consider to be the first black diva. As of late we've been commenting on different examples of black style. Yeah we know all about Bey's hit, but does she stand up to Josephine? She's been gone for awhile but you still want to bow down.

C'est Dommage a.k.a Too Bad For You

It was masquerade fun this past Valentine's day at Sushi Samba hosted by us, White Label, Alliance Francaise and Funky Couture to name a few.
Thanks to glitter guts for setting up the "photobooth".

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our next quip on Black Style.....

LOGOS! Well duh? You know, this could easily be a an overall American observation but Africans Americans definitely rock logos in their own special way. First rule, if you where a logo, where a lot of it!

Oooops, now you went too far. Happy Black History Month

Monday, February 9, 2009

M.I.A. rocks Manish, and its good

Unfortunately her House of Holland sheer fit was admittedly bad. But who cares, she doesn't I guarantee and she is soooo adorable that she almost pulls it off.

Gorgeous colors by Manish Arora who straddles the line between avant-garde and wearability. Mission accomplished, Maya was stunning.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

We Own the Night at Sub T

Rap shows are generally annoying, you know the sound usually sucks. But last night was good times at Subterranean, Chicago's super grimy concert joint where all rappers and underground artists do their thing.

Mike 100's makes sure we hear him.

Que Billah put on a good set and even danced for us.

Billah was definitely the highlight of the show. For some reason seeing all of those sneakerheads made me remember it was Black History Month. recognition I will be posting examples and icons of black style. First up; SNEAKERS

From "My Adidas" to "Air Force Ones" songs about urban love for kicks doesn't show half of how essential sneakers are to style. The obsession has crossed-over from poor kids spending their last on Jordans to haute couture jumpers stomping down the runway.

Now it's not cool enough to simply wear fresh kicks, you have to be a collector.

And everyone's a collector yeah yeah. Just don't step on my jumpers!
You remember this part right?

Thanks Steve

I know the mac vs. pc argument gets old but ok here's my testimony. Did a little laundry and when I went to throw the clothes in the dryer what was hanging out wet in the washer? The remote to my damn Macbook pro! Still wet, I used it to lower the volume and it worked. Now that's dope. Keep your stock people.

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