Saturday, February 7, 2009

We Own the Night at Sub T

Rap shows are generally annoying, you know the sound usually sucks. But last night was good times at Subterranean, Chicago's super grimy concert joint where all rappers and underground artists do their thing.

Mike 100's makes sure we hear him.

Que Billah put on a good set and even danced for us.

Billah was definitely the highlight of the show. For some reason seeing all of those sneakerheads made me remember it was Black History Month. recognition I will be posting examples and icons of black style. First up; SNEAKERS

From "My Adidas" to "Air Force Ones" songs about urban love for kicks doesn't show half of how essential sneakers are to style. The obsession has crossed-over from poor kids spending their last on Jordans to haute couture jumpers stomping down the runway.

Now it's not cool enough to simply wear fresh kicks, you have to be a collector.

And everyone's a collector yeah yeah. Just don't step on my jumpers!
You remember this part right?

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