Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Arrival, Hannah Hoch tunic

So this super cute top finally arrived and is up on the site for you ladies who get it. Kinda has a Complex Geometries feel right? Anyhoo, I know many of you have never heard of Popomomo before so here's a little on the brand.

Popomomo stands for post-postmodern movement which designer Lizz Wasserman explores through clothing. Instead of floating in relative perspectives and endlessly reworking the past, her work focuses on the new and true.

Growing up in Milwaukee, Lizz started her design career at the age of six by passing her mom sketches of clothing for 'production.' She soon learned how to sew and let her mom get back to work. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in sociology, she received an industrial sewing machine and a dress form for graduation.

Lizz has been designing popomomo since 2002, when she started designing for Urban Outfitters and Free People in Philadelphia. Looking for something to balance her mass-market and consumption-heavy day gig, she found in popomomo the freedom to try any shape or idea.

Since then, the line has evolved into a full two-season collection while Lizz has moved to brooklyn and now LA. Popomomo was nominated for an New Garde LA gen arts award in early 2008 and was selected for the first Gen Art/soyjoy fashionably natural show which kicked off LA fashion week in October of 2008.

The Popomomo line is locally produced in LA using sustainable and/or organic fabrics and wash techniques and tries to work with other companies with similar beliefs whenever possible.
So there, conscious clear.

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