Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ahhhhh Ann Arbor

I know you're thinking, what the hell were we doing at Michigan University in Ann Arbor. Well actually there was plenty to do with Final Four going on and all. We were invited to be in their major annual fundraiser NOIR, a fashion show that raised money this year to protect the environment and promote Green business. Here's how the weekend went....

Small town vibe of course.

We brought our buddy Frank, who's actually the dopest piggy bank ever made. Let's just say he's our mascot.

Frank made Hannah's day. She was the best server ever.

Frank loves french fries. The drive made him hungry.

Upon arrival, Frank checked out the tourist guide.

He's no regular pig. Frank stayed fresh with a shower.

Pigs don't drive but they can sure sleep.

Frank reflects on country life.

Shrink team killed some time at the movies with our feet up. Dries x Minnetonka x Brian Atwood, nice.

My best cuz Keli kept things in order including the looks.

VIP of course.

It was like baby Bryant Park. Lovely stage.

Julius tee looked great down the runway.

It was all over when we saw the All-Over hoodie.

Gabrielle from the Chi killed it in our bubble skirt.

They covered up the Dimepiece tee a little but it's still all good.

The afterparty was actually fun. There were amazons everywhere.


It's not a party without a gross bathroom.

More models.

President of NOIR Brittany and Shrink boss Kenny.

Models got their bounce on.

Phony ponies galore.

And Michigan's gift to us? A blizzard on the way home.

Good times regardless.

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