Monday, December 8, 2008

Our Recession-Proof Gift Guide

We know some of you are this close to canceling Christmas what with all the bailouts going on but in case it's still on...
Here's a few affordable suggestions.

Triple Iris Earrings from Kris Nations. This is a deal for gold, especially this year and they look and feel more expensive then they are.

Cold Black Tie. Yep it's just a plain old black tie for when your guy has to keep it simple. Subtle details like the ribbing makes this a classic gift that keeps on giving.

Hallam Clutch by Bryna Nicole. I know I know it's over $100 bucks. Let me tell you why. It's leather, handmade in the U.S.A., and a wardrobe staple. You've got that humongous "it" bag that you carry til your shoulder goes out, then what? Now you have a party and you need a little bag but not too little so you can fit your makeup, iphone, and all things girl. It will transition into next season and it won't fall apart like a last-minute party bag would.

The newest additiong to the Shrink family. I can hear the "I can get it at Urban Outfitters" argument now. Only difference is we have an idea who made A Peace Treaty scarves, and the design and fabric is superior. APT creates employment for skilled artisans working in places of socio-political strife and also donates to Counterpart International, helping bring medical supplies to Darfur. Give back in style.

Ulterior Motive Blue Delight Cufflinks. Another accessory that looks more exclusive than the pricetag, a man is going to need these eventually whether he likes it or not. Make sure he's ready.

Wallet in black or white. Now this is not for those that like to carry a George Costanza wallet. This is officially a baller wallet meaning there's room for plenty of plastic but not receipts. It's low profile style will fit smoothly in your back pocket without all the bulge. Bulky wallets just attract pickpockets anyway.
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