Saturday, December 20, 2008

And Earlier this week so many Birthdays!

Vic looked dapper for his Bday. Me likey.

Granted, I am short but Hebru Brand is so effin tall.

Autumn from Solemates, just a super dope chick.

This actor, Ricky Gamboa is well on his way mark my word

The "she" of HE SAY SHE SAY

Shala plays a sweetheart on tv. Step away from the girl.

If you lived in Chicago, you would know who the twins are. Happy Birthday Anton and Antony.

Twins and homies Skyler, Tim, Chill and Nigel, I mean Hollywood

My homie Mano

My homie Tim, gimme those records.

My homie for so long Kamal, up from Detroit

Then it was off to the Cool Kids party for Mikey Rocks Bday. I only remember the music being good.

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