Saturday, October 11, 2008

We almost forgot...

We attended the Allure of Couture show in Millennium Park. Significantly underfunded compared to the Gen Art show(no goodies!) which is weird since Gen Art designers are not as seasoned as couture designers. But here's the recap.

This was a cool dress but the designer's name escapes me.

Nothing like a well-knit sweater and crafty necklace.

Highlight of the show a mon avis. Nick Cave's "Osh Kosh B'Gosh" gown. Just amazing.

Billy Atwell had an unconventinal approach to runway shows. The models were bearfoot and walked slowly to rock music. No diva horse trots for this designer.

More Atwell. No wonder this perfectionist teaches at the Art Institute.

Jack Cave, of course related to Nick, gave us his best "Color Me Bad meets Abercrombie and Fitch designs" This was the most surprising and entertaining part of the show.

My favorite look from Jack Cave.

Then it was time for the woman that dresses Michelle Obama, Maria Pinto.
This coat was stunning.

This was one of the few actual couture dresses in the show. Thanks Maria.

James de Colon makes a fierce gown.

My favorite overall line was Redshift by Kristin Mariani Frieman. Cozy sweaters and layers. She presented the most wearable pieces.

More Redshift.

I am a sucker for plaid.

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