Friday, August 8, 2008

Sorry, It's been awhile since our last post because.....

We've been clownin around in L.A. for the past week.

The beach isn't really our thing but we had to see what all the hoopla about Malibu was.

This is right around where that surfer gang beat up Mathew McConaughey's paparazzi.

Shrink pres Nicole in JG4B bikini of course

Then it was off to the clubs

There's nothing I like to see more than a pair of flip-flops at a posh club than a pair of bandaids to match.

Great, more flip-flops. Does anyone care about shoe game anymore?

After a less than stellar nightlife experience, we gave culture a try.

This is an outdoor installation titled "Life is Beautiful" by MBW(That's Mr. Brainwash to you)

Can pop art occur without reference to Warhol?

The exhibit was actually closed and some crazies were trying to break in.

Brainwash himself

This actually my favorite. A mound of books topped with a laptop. The message is obvious.

And that's why they call it pop art.

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