Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How lame can you be

The Dice shirt by EIO below was boot-legged, robbed, stolen whatever you want to call it by Just Jeans. This is almost a tradition to steal designs in the streetwear industry but damn. They could have tweaked it just a little. And yes we have the original. This is what EIO had to say,
"Hi, We are Eio Clothing, a small streetwear brand from the uk that has built up a cult status for individuality and creativity. We just wanted to bring to your attention one of our designs that has been blatantly ripped of by the Just Jeans Company (Australia). As you can see from the images the only difference is they have changed our logo for theirs (even the models show an uncanny resemblance)! Unfortunately i can’t link directly to the tee on their site since it is no longer up there.
The Dice tee has been a classic for us. We released it 2 seasons before Just Jeans. They are a huge company with about 300 stores across Oz. We don’t know if they knew about this directly or if it was just some low life on their design team. Anyway glad a blog like yours exists to at least have some come back."

Click the link to see how well Just Jeans steals courtesy of Hide Your Arms

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Diego R. Wyatt said...

WOW! That is crazy...dirty...and underhanded. It sucks that creativity isn't worth much because people blatantly bite. Even if some intern stole the design, the higher ups should have done their research before mass producing recycled designs.

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